My job is to help you quickly setup your own web-site or administer and improve the web-site you already have.

I am a “tech guy” and this is what I do best: I make sure I take all the technical details out of your way so that you can focus on what you do best:  your business.

Below you can find some examples of my work with setting up web-sites: is a newspaper website with the features required to run a newspaper: adding and editing articles, access to statistics with Google Analytics and internal stats, comments support and comment moderation and a module to manage ads on the website in various positions.

Visit is a subscription based website, where various content and services are available based on your subscription level. It has a forum, articles, an audio library, a private community where members can interact with each other and an online store where various content can be purchased by visitors of the website.

Built of top of Joomla platform it offers all the powerful back-end administration features that Joomla offers.

Visit has an online store, manages a newsletter subscription, is integrated with Facebook and other social networks and it is also a blogging platform with multi-language support.

The website is built on top of Joomla, so it has a back-end where you can edit or publish new content and of course manage the various features of the website like sending out the newsletter.


This is a simple photo gallery web-site. It supports comments and photo ratings. It also has a back-end where the administrator can upload new pictures, moderate the comments and setup notifications.


Website featuring an online software store. It supports comments and a rating system. Also administrators can log in and add new products or moderate the comments.


A more complex project, this web site is a membership site that offers Sudoku puzzles. So it has support for payed membership, a forum, and a back end administration area. The site is built on Joomla, but it is highly customized.


Presentation site with mini online store. General intro page, catalog, order and contact pages. Email notifications of orders.



If any of this looks similar to what you need contact me. You may also look around this site to see what else is possible and how may I be of service to you.

Why Use My Service

If you look around the web, and spend enough time, you will find all the documents and tools you need to setup your own web site! There’s no doubt about it.

But if you go this route, you will spend a lot of time, make the inevitable mistakes, only to learn something that you will probably do only once or twice, before you move on to your real goal: your business.

I already know the tools, had my share of mistakes and learning, so I have the experience to work really fast and reliable while you focus on something that is closer to your expertise.

How much will it cost you

It really depends on what you need and on what you must accomplish with your site. But I can tell you this: having a lot of experience as a programmer and web developer I can work efficiently and thus my costs are greatly reduced. This will reflect in the final price.

If you think you could use my services contact me and we can discuss it.

Quickly Setup Your Web-site

Here are some of the features most commonly found in a Simple Web Site:

  • General presentation pages
  • Catalog page with products or services offered
  • Order page or simple shopping cart
  • Contact Page
  • Email notifications about web-site activity

Of course this only a small subset of what is possible.

Administration and Improvement of your site


If you are concerned about your web-site data (and you should be), I can help you setup  backups for critical parts of your site and then restore them if needed.

Improvements and modifications

If you already have a web-site, but you’ve realized that you need to customize it, or you’d like that extra feature that would make your workflow such much easier, I can implement that change for you.

I can also help with integrating different technologies into your site, such Google Analytics, Facebook Connect, Twitter, galleries, slide shows and all kinds of plugins.


This service is suitable for web-sites that need close monitoring and intervention. Web sites that change often, have many users, are dynamic and you need someone to make sure they run smoothly and can handle technical support and any possible problems that might occur.

Web Software installation

Installing and setting up forums, plugins, shopping carts, or integrating different new technologies into your web site can quickly become very difficult and time consuming. This service is here to assist you with that, and handle all the tech  and geek details.

Examples of Administrative Services

Some examples of services in the administrative category:

  • change/update the theme of your site
  • install support for comments on your pages
  • add email notifications for user actions: product downloads, orders submitted and so on
  • setup recurrent backups to keep your data safe
  • add new feature to your web site
  • install forums, or other technologies that will help you keep in touch with your visitors or customers
  • add forms to your site to gather user feedback (or other data)
  • add multimedia support: audio, photo and video galleries
  • install and setup tracking tracking scripts
  • integrate social networks with your site
  • move your site from one server to another

The list above is not complete, of course, but it’s here just to get the ideas flowing.

If you have questions don’t hesitate to contact me by filling out the contact form.

Advanced Features

For more technical details please read this article: Advanced Features


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