If you are looking for something more advanced and complex, or a new set of features for your website, I am confident that I can help.

The features can vary from customizing frameworks such as Joomla, WordPress and vBulletin forum to creating small and medium web-applications from scratch using rapid development tools such as CakePHP.

Please find below a list of technologies that I know very well. And if you need help with any of those don’t hesitate to contact me.

Frameworks and Web Applications:

  • WordPress (blog manager )
  • Joomla (content management systems)
  • phpBB (forum)
  • vBulletin (forum)
  • CachePHP (rapid application development framework)
  • osCommerce (online store)
  • plugins and add ons for all the above
  • PayPal integrations
  • custom shopping carts

Email management

  • Setting up auto responders
  • Newsletters
  • moving your email to GMail
  • email notifications

Web developer Languages and standards:

  • PHP (Apache+PHP+MySQL setup)
  • Java Script
  • HTML
  • CSS

Server Administration

  • Linux Server Administration
  • Apace
  • MySQL
  • Setting up recurrent backups
  • tighten server security
  • move web sites to another server
  • data migration (import and export)
  • log managers and parsers
  • usage statics
  • server load monitors

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