Automation and Integration supercharge your Web Apps to save you time and grow your business

   What are your success metrics?

It is hard to know if your web app is really performing well unless you know what are your success metrics and you are actively tracking them. So what is success to you? And how can you measure it?

How fast is your web app?

A fast web app converts better than a slower one. So one way to increase conversions is to optimize your performance. Is web app speed a challenge for you?

What is your backup plan?

Despite all good intentions, things sometimes break down, or there is a security breach. Is your critical data safe? Do you need help to create a backup/restore plan that you can use in case of trouble?

How can I help your web app be business savvy?

Business Intelligence 

Once you know what your Key Performance Indicators are, you also need a way to monitor them and track them over time. This allows measuring if what you are doing is getting you closer or farther from your goals. 

  What is “maintenance”?

Online thins change very fast. If your web app integrates with services around it, it needs to keep up with the changes or it will stop functioning properly. A maintenance plan makes sure your integrations points continue to work as expected.

   Is your web app secure?

Web security is complex and most web software is security-aware. But sometimes a customized solution or audit is required to make sure your and your customer’s data is safe.